Days 7 & 8: Los Finales

Hello all! I’m writing you from the Nicaraguan Airport (que triste! or, how sad!). I’ll be home in about 6 hours!

On Tuesday, I returned again to TAV to help kiddos in the school! I did A LOT of temporary fillings. In fact, why don’t you all step into my office:

This is my set up:IMG_1262

To make the cement, mix this:IMG_1266

With this:

To prepare the tooth, you have to clean and dry the area, and kill the bacteria with this:IMG_1267

Then, you simply apply the cement, tell the kiddo not to eat/drink for 30 minutes, and to chew with the other side of their mouth! Wa-la! Low key though: be careful when explaining what you’re going to do… secar (to dry – say-car) and sacar (to take out – sah-car) sound EXTREMELY similar with a Gringo accent… I may have made a kid cry because he thought he was losing his tooth haha. But once he realized he didn’t feel any pain when I had finished, the fear left his eyes and all was well :).

After my dental duties, mi amiga Kiara braided my hair in exchange for me braiding hers:IMG_1268

So I’ve told you how generous La Doctora is… well, she and her husband then treated me to dinner (chancho con yuca) and a movie (La Mumia aka The Mummy). It was all in Spanish, so that was challenging. But hey, I understood like 40% of the jokes, so I’m calling that a win!!!

On Wednesday, we headed back to Los Brasiles. IMG_1290Joanna had been in the hospital all through the past week, but she wanted to come back to work. However, it was decided that she needed to stay home and rest instead, especially since my new friend from MCC church came with us to help and to see what a day in the life is like! We visited for a bit at La Quinta, and then she went back home. And thus, my job got a little more challenging.

Normally, Joanna does triage and fills prescriptions. Since she wasn’t there, I was in charge of these things, as well as explaining how to do them to mi amiga. The triage part wasn’t too bad, as all we had to do was get the patient’s name (nombre – gnome-bray), weight (peso – pay-so), and height (talle – tah-yay) as well as tell them to remove their shoes – we crushed that! It was the filling prescriptions that was most challenging. The medicine names in Spanish weren’t always similar/cognitives to those in English, so I frequently had to ask La Doctora for help hahaha. At the end of the day, she told me that I was going to be dreaming about how Albumin is Magna and that stars mean the medicine has to be bought outside of the clinic (aka I never got those right haha). It was a good day full of hard work and learning new things! I also filled a tooth of course:

The last picture is of fried plantains that one of the kiddos gave us as thank you – SO GOOD!

One of the other things going on during the day was education to stop the cycle of violence and sexual abuse. In Nicaragua, it has historically been very typical for male family members to rape or molest younger females in the family. But through this program, this culture is changing as well. There are so many wonderful movements occurring right now, and I just wanted to give a shoutout to all of the hard work of those seeking change! ¡Buen trabajo (good job – bawane trah-bah-ha)!

At the end of the day, we went to Joanna’s house for dinner. She made a traditional Nicaraguan dish called Indio Viejo (literally translates as old indian). Man was it good! She showed us around her garden (el jardín – har-deen) where she’s grown tangerine, avocado, and coconut trees, as well as cilantro and dragon fruit. It was incredibly beautiful, and I’m pretty jealous that I don’t have an entire produce store in my backyard! Yet again, I was incredibly moved by the generosity and kindness of these people. I hate that I’m leaving! But I’m very grateful for new friends, and I cannot wait to see them again. One of the ways Nicaraguans say goodbye to one another is by saying nos vemos (nose vey-mohs), which means we will see each other. So, until next time, ¡Nos vemos mis amigos de Nicaragua!FullSizeRender-1IMG_1284(This last picture is an incredibly accurate representation of the trip hahaha.)


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